Anthony McGowan


Peoples keep dyin’ in The Finger, the scuzzie old tower block where they put us antisociable families. Authorities say it dirty smack goin’ round, but them bodies ain’t all users…an’ they look like they die screamin’.”

Poster1Marshall O’Connor the First lives in The Finger with his mum and lil bro. Dad’s in prison, school kicked him out, and the bedbugs are driving him crazy.

Poster3True, Marsh got himself some issues. But it ain’t the drugs that peoples should be worryin’ about, ‘cos them bloodsuckin’ bugs have grown some, and they ready for a bigger feed…

Poster2Blood Donors is the terrifying debut novel by STEVE TASANE, published by Walker Books on 3 October 2013.

Read the thoughts and rhymes of Blood Donors’ hero,





  1. Hardcore! Sounds very scary (and not just for youngers). Can’t wait to start reading it and chewing my fingernails…

  2. Jo McFarlane says:

    Wow! This looks brilliant! I am really looking forward to reading it when it comes out. Will make sure there’s not a full moon that night though! (heebie jeebies…)

  3. Lucy Earley says:

    Blood Donors is out! The Megabugs are at large in our city. And they’re THIRSTY. Lock up your aortas. (Worst pun ever?)
    Go get ‘em Marsh.

  4. Mike Pay says:

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hi Steve, I have read about your involvement in the Maidstone United history project.. As one of a, probably relatively small number of supporters now, who first watched in the early sixties I am happy to help and also have quite a lot of old programmes.

    • stevetasane says:

      hi mike, are you going to the match tomorrow? We’ll be in a silver caravan next to the sweet stall – could see you there at half-time? Be great to see old programmes and such. Then, maybe we could interview you and take pics after the game – if you were free?

  5. Polly says:

    Stoked to hear that Sabes is going to be pivotal in the follow up – sounds like that Finger crew will need all the help they can get. Being Blood Donors must have been bad enough (thank goodness for Mus and his blue tack trick) – what are you gonna put them through, next?? Can’t wait to hear more from all these characters and see what happens next.

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