imagesIf you visitin’ this I guess you lookin’ forward to findin’ out all about the terrors facin’ us antisociables the council been housin’ in The Finger. The Finger ain’t too nasty a place to live, if you don’t mind rats or bugs. If you do… well, we all lookin’ out for each other: me – Marshall O’Connor The First, my lil bro Connor (that’s Connor O’Connor – believe), my Mum and my dog Sabretooth. Plus we got Big Auntie lookin’ out for us, and Sis too. Big Auntie ain’t my auntie and Sis ain’t my real sis, that jus’ what they called on account of them bein’ like family, close and all.
Anyway, after the frictions we had with the Bedbug Turf War, I got to tellin’ Sis about some of the wisdoms and rhymes I been comin’ up with, and she advise me to start sharin’ with the world, so I set up this blog page. If you want to read all about the troubles in The Finger, this be a good place to start, about what life handin’ out for me and lil bro Connor, and a bit more about our battlin’ with them blood-suckin’ creeps…


So, first up, this is about home, right here in The Finger:

Given The Finger

We been given The Finger, cos we’re antisociable.
Problem family, housing non-negotiable.
20 floors of rankness, broken glass and itchy bugs,
only look like luxury to mugs on dodgy drugs.
Three infants to a bed, ain’t stressin’ bedroom tax,
They’re cuttin’ back on welfare, we’re fallin’ through the cracks.
The youth club shut down, the playground be rubble.
How we expected to keep free of trouble?
Youths with spray paint decorate the habitat –
what so antisociable about that?

Me and my crew keep an eye out for each other,
don’t have to be related to be somebody’s brother.
We racecourse the stairwell, the lift be a starship,
clamberin’ lampposts ain’t hardly no hardship.
Youths throwing sticks for their Staffies to chase,
love a little belly rub and lick you in the face.
Friday night DVDs, twelve pirates round a wide-screen,
bucketfuls of popcorn, maxi tubs of ice cream.
All of us so chill you better max the thermostat –
what so antisociable about that?

Learn the lesson of the street ‘cos school expelled us:
if you be a younger be respectin’ of your elders,
if you be an elder be protective of your youngers,
no need for greediness, jus’ satisfy your hungers.
Peoples feed their neediness but nobody lef’ starvin’,
it a truly Big Society this community be carvin’.
Battlin’ crews keep their beefs away from little infants,
any youth playin’ rough, mums mash ‘em in an instant.
Our shooters jus’ be make-believe, our chat be ratta-tat –
what so antisociable about that?

Neighbours from another place, asylum-seekin’.
That’s a shared language all of us are speakin’.
Together we be Asian, Afro, Eastern European,
old school Cockney, Welsh and Caribbean.
In skinny jeans and burkas, bling and Rasta hats,
peoples on the corner share a smoke and a chat,
shakin’ hands with The Finger, here’s where it’s at –
what so antisociable about that?
In these times of austeria here be urban bliss –
what so antisociable about this?


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