Return Of The Verminator

Posted: July 23, 2013 in The Marshall Chronicles
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Let us chat about buglies, yeah? It zackly what I used to be too shamed with, to share back in the day. But, sure it’s clear as day in Blood Donors, so it ain’t no secret no more. And, as I found, pretty much all the mens I know had dealin’s with these pests one time or ‘nother. Course, the bug problem in our block got waaay outta control, but even before then I heard people had menacin’s from cockroaches and fleas and worse. Most of my acquaintances had a bit of an infestation at one point or ‘nother (the O’Connor household never had more than a couple of ‘em, and my dog never had no fleas (Sabretooth is a clean dog, you get me? Spotless.) It’s a checklist, I guess, how many these ailments we sharin….tick ‘em off, don’ be shamin’ – and don’t let ‘em get under your skin!

Return Of The Verminator

What gets under our skin, close to the bone?
The miniature squatters invadin’ our home.
Why does my dog keep scratchin’ his side?
A thousand fleas have bunked a ride.
What drives my family off our heads?
The bedbugs nestin’ in our beds.
What can’t we get out of our hair?
The crew of head lice ravin’ there.
What has got us properly bitchin’?
Cockroaches chillin’ in the kitchen.
Creepy-crawlies by the score
over-runnin’ every floor.
We can’t conceal ’em that’s for certain –
moths have eaten up the curtain.
They make their mark, leave their stink,
then hide beneath the kitchen sink.
They drive us slowly up the wall,
and bug and bug and bug us all.
They suck and slurp, shank and bite,
these six-legged, bug-eyed parasites.
Fumigate ’em – now not later.
Here I come – The Verminator!
I’m back, I’m bad, watch me slay ‘em –
my pesticide is gonna spray ‘em.
This hissin’ spittin’ noise annoys ’em,
Cos deadly poison’s what destroys ‘em.
Now they’re wiggling round in pain,
and home is Home Sweet Home again.



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