They say I got Anger Management Issues. Problem is, there be a whole heap of things goin’ round, make me mad as Hell. Make any reasonable person mad as Hell. Solution: break someone’s face. Or think things through a bit first? See-sawin’ from one to the other. This be the debate I’m havin’ with myself:

Marshall Law

I’ve lost my cool. Some fool’s hidden it,
rattled my cage – I can’t keep a lid on it.
I lost my rag, I’m randomly ragin’.
I declare it’s war I’m wilfully wagin’.
I count to ten, but your days are numbered –
you’ll wish I counted to a hundred.
You got some neck? I’m gonna throttle it.
My head’s gonna pop, I can’t bottle it.
I battle my temper but I’m always losin’ –
the other boy end up with a bruisin’.
I fight my mates – be my own worst enemy.
I guess that’s why nobody befriendin’ me.
If I’d just see through the blood-red mist a bit,
you’d trust me to make a decent fist of it.
But you’ll be seein’ stars, you’ll be stitchin’ scars
while all I see ahead is me behind bars.
My future’s history, cos my past is patchy.
My present is tense cos my record is scratchy.
A knuckle-dustin’s no idea of fun.
I’m the baddest son born under the sun.
I don’t shine, I’m shadow boxin’.
I’d fight myself if nobody’s watching.
Mum’s gonna diss me, no longer kiss me,
she’ll dismiss me as the Feds all frisk me.
Shame on me, shame on my name –
We only live one life, it’s no Xbox game.
Why punish myself with a punch and a poke,
lash out at the mirror till my image is broke,
injure myself, do myself an injustice?
Breakin’ teeth ain’t no way to discuss this.
Keep a safe distance, it’s best to resist
my artistic temper and articulate fists.
I’m shouty, mouthy, but too dumb to reply
to the word from the wise – one question: Why?



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