Driller Killers Soundcloud

Grime track by Kallar listen here  and check out lyrics below:

Killer Bugs are comin’ from the cracks within your crib,
itchin’ to diminish you by shankin’ to the ribs.
Bug eyes look like bubble-wrap, blisters gonna pop.
Antennas sniff your body heat like a top forensic cop.
Killer Bugs be sickenin’, these creepy bugs be shifty,
snap, crackle and a-poppin’ like colossal rice crispies.
Growin’ half a metre long, grippin’ like a pit bull,
mandibles attachin’ so the schnozzle get a lickful,
parachutin’ from the ceilin’, stab you straight between the eyes,
or injec’ you in the ankle so your leg be paralysed.
Wait until you fall asleep. That is easy and neat.
Then they suckin’ at your dreams like a lamb suck on a teat.
Their venomous antennas lick and tickle at your chin.
The Killer Bug dilemma: dinin’ out or dinin’ in?
Slurpin’ up your juicy stuff, gulpin’ more than plenty.
Body sacks fillin’ up while you are drainin’ empty,
Expandin’ like hot water bottles stretchin’ fit to burst,
full to overflowin’ like a wealthy lady’s purse.
They quench their thirst, drain your veins, make you mummify,
guzzle till you shrivel up, then suck your eyeballs dry.
The sunny picture of your future is a blurrier view
as them Mega Bugs make a McFlurry of you.
Better keep your peepers open, they’re lurkin’ in our cots
A million Driller Killer Bugs, swellin’ up like clots.
They’ll dessicate the whole estate, then move to other turf,
these parasites’ll swagger as they massacre the earth.
Better get your own stabber, plunge it to the hilt. 
Battle lines are drawn. Juice will be spilt.



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